Artist/Entrepreneur Statement

My fascination with technology is accompanied by a passion for entrepreneurship. I like to say that I have a “creatively analytical” mind. I love opportunities for creativity, but I am also business-minded and I enjoy thinking of problems in terms of how an entrepreneur would deal with them. New Media gives me the tools to think of solutions outside the norm and my business sense will hopefully allow me to bring those ideas into a profitable reality.

My work is driven by my passion for discovery and innovation. When I take on a new project I always attempt to add some unique aspect to it, no matter how mundane the assignment may seem. There really isn’t any one particular element that I look for when creating a project, I am driven more simply by interesting, new ideas that solve a problem.

About Me

I grew up in a small town in Maine, enjoying sports, arts, family, and friends. I started taking dance classes at three and I haven’t stopped dancing since. Nowadays I channel those skills into leading group dances at weddings and community events through the DJ company I co-own. My family established Fast Dogs Entertainment in the Summer of 2006 and I started working for the company not long after, DJing my own middle school dances and helping out at town-sponsored events. Since then I have taken over the client relationship management and event prep portions of the business, meeting with couples, negotiating contracts, and even acting as a pseudo wedding coordinator. Of course I still love DJing at the events too, seeing all of the back-end work pay off in a seamless event.

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