Redesigning the Stove


And the start of my NMD 442 User Experience class we had to choose an experience, not a product, to remodel and redesign. The experience I wanted to redesigned was when you forget whether or not you left the stove on. My solution was a stove that you do not turn on, therefor never have to worry about whether or not you left it on.

Part of the user experience class was to prototype our idea and actually conduct user testing to see if it was interpreted and used how we thought it would be.

Again I was skeptical because I knew I couldn’t create that high fidelity of a prototype in such a short amount of time. I did not think I would really be able to get anything out of it. Though, throughout showing people the stove, how to use it, and seeing if they interacted with it  how I expected them to, I actually got a lot out of it. Everything I needed actually. The crux of my project is how people would interpret the dials, and the information they communicated. I found out what was difficult about it, what was done well, and if i had time to make another, I’d know exactly what to pursue and try to fix. This was definitely a class that benefited be, and I believe it would be best if taken earlier in the NMD curriculum.