Logo Design

Light Graffitti Logo

The large portion of NMD 160 was taken up learning many of the products within the Adobe Creative Cloud such as Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, and more. For me the most beneficial skill to learn was Illustrator with its vector graphic capabilities. One of the final projects for NMD 104 allowed me to create my own logo for another previous project. Using illustrator and what skill I had acquired during the course I made a logo I am quite proud of. It looks very smooth, and most importantly of all, can be scaled to any size and keep its resolution and detail.

Illustrator, beyond logos, can also be used for wire frames and storyboards, another important part of design and ultimately New Media. Illustrator is a very important tool as with New Media we are creating, modifying, and dealing with emerging ideas. Regarding our society today and its huge investment into the digital world, a digital tool is exactly what we need to communicate our intention and purpose.