Learning CSS, HTML, JS


I knew hardly anything about HTML, JS, and CSS before entering New Media. I had coded quite a bit, but never touched anything in regards to web development. My first project in NMD was to create a website with some basic content on it such as a photograph of ourselves and a personal statement. While the picture and short paragraph were there, they weren’t the main value of this project. Through this I was able to finally get my feet wet with web development for the first time. The course provided a lot of the resources I wouldn’t have on my own that are required for web development such as a web host, server, and domain name. Through that provision of resources and a place to learn I was able to begin recording some of my work through this website, such as more photos, methods of picture compression on the web, and how to best present your work on the web despite many of the difficulties such as internet speeds, browsers, and such.