About Me

My name is Meghan Vadeboncoeur and I am a New Media major at the University of Maine.  I have recently discovered a passion for laser cutting, but I have always had an interest in building things, and I hope to expand that in my remaining years here. I like to create interactive narrative experiences whether it is through games of any kind or even physical interaction with art.

I originally entered New Media because I liked coming up with new ideas and trying to make them come alive through story or art.  I have a deep love for story writing and concept art, so much so that for my first semester at UMaine I was an english major with a concentration in creative writing. Upon realizing I didn’t need a degree to create narratives I settled on a major that would allow me to learn different ways to express those narratives. This love of storytelling not only comes from a background of reading, but also from a passion for video games. I enjoy the idea of one person’s actions changing the outcome of a story, and I hope that eventually I will be able to aid creating a fresh new way for people to experience just that.