About Me

Theodore Scontras is a 20 year old student currently attending the university of Maine. He has an affinity for anything that allows him to use his creativity. He always has his sketchbook on hand is always trying to push his imagination further.

Growing up with amazing creative content around him, at a young age he swore to become one of the greats as well. Since then, he’s thought more about what he wants to be, and deeper motives have been found, such as trying to express himself and find a wholesome reward system that can only be achieved with putting time into his art.

He is currently working on an independent comic, ‘Mantler’, a story he started back in highschool, his hope is to have this piece published before he leaves college. An indie game is also in the back of his mind. He also is on a journey for the best burrito in town.


please keep him updated if you know of a good place,  you can tell him where the best burrito is at

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