Capstone First Meeting

During my first talk with some of my peers regarding with my capstone, I’ve begun to realize that not only is my idea obtuse, but I’m not sure if I care about it.

I will need to find a way to make something that I care about, but also satisfies the needs of a capstone, currently my idea is a very “new media” idea but I do not believe I really care about the idea that I have developed, so I need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something I care about more. Regarding what other people have done, it seems that everyone is trying to make something that will benefit people, and I am unsure how to say that I’m not sure if I care about something like that. I should definitely want to make something that benefits people in some way, but first I really want to focus on something that I care about. Low-key I’m thinking about changing my idea to a video game, but I’m unsure, because on top of being a “game.” I don’t want to brainstorm here though, updates to come.


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