ASAP project – Graphics

Over the Summer of 2015, I was contacted by Shaleen Jain, a writer of a scientific article focused on the concept of compound flooding to make a graphic that would represent what he was writing in very simple terms. What I needed to do, was real Shaleen’s article, and convey the information into a visual form. To do this, Shaleen and I sat down for 30 or 40 minutes, and discussed what information needed to be focused on within the article, or what could give people a better idea as to what we were talking about, we ended up deciding on a 3D graphic that would represent the flooding. Other ideas that were thrown around consisted of a graphic displaying where compound flooding was occurring or how much water levels were rising, but the graphic that I posted was the completed work. I went out on a limb with this one. I more or less had 72 hours to create the graphic, so I worked the weekend to complete the task, sending the graphic to other designers to get their take on it. I didn’t have too much time to ask other’s what I should do, so this was the first project that I needed to choose what color assets would be, the style I would go with, sending it to others were more so to figure out if the direction was okay. As the graphic started to look good, I started to also realize that it couldn’t just look good, it also had to be functional. Putting text in came second, and the planning for it came within the last 24 hours of working on the graphic. Not the best timing, but it was important to plan out, or else the graphic would lose integrity. After getting information from Shaleen, I put text on the graphic, made a few more revisions and sent it off. More or less the most difficult thing about the project was readability. I can draw all day, but making something that makes sense is a whole other game. That’s more or less the difference between an artist and a designer. The graphic ended up getting posted on the Verge, you can read the article here,

Since then I have been contacted by other groups to create environmental graphics for them.

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