ASAP – MVLMP App Storyboards


Pretty big file.

When developing apps, or websites, or scoring a soccer goal, or talking to someone, you want a plan of action.

At ASAP, those plans of actions are called storyboards, and I’m the guy who usually makes them. Working on a small team seems manageable, but there needs to be direction within this group, and by creating a design document, the team knows what the overall objective should be. Now, my storyboards don’t tell developers how to code, but I show them what assets an app or website will need and were for the whole thing to be functional. As a storyboarder, my process is to discover what the client wants, figure out what will do that.

So for example, someone wants to flip a burger, so after a few sketches, a group and I come up with a spatula.

Well that’s great and all, but how does the spatula work? How will the user interact with it in a way that get’s the job done. Would if someone handed them the spatula the wrong way, would if we put the pieces in the wrong place. A spatula won’t work if it’s not put together correctly.

So after we figure out what the client wants, we need to figure out how that will be put together, and we need to keep in mind how the user will interact with it. So I know the spatula needs to flip things, that’s the end objective. So now that I know that’s something that will happen, that will probably be the last thing the user does, or rather it would be one of the last pages of the storyboard, but to get there, they need to grab, and move the spatula under the burger. So as storyboarding goes, I analyze which of those steps should go first, and then draw them out, and put them into the PDF you see above.

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