3D print Project – NMD project 3

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The 3D print project was pretty fun. Luckily, I had been learning Maya before this project ( a 3D modeling program) So I was excited to try my hand at creating something physical with my imagination and mouse. I sat down with my partner for the project, Ruth, and we went through concepts that could be interesting separate and together. We went through many different ideas, such as a genie coming out of a lamp, an explosion coming out of a book, anything involving 2 pieces. The final product ended up being 3 pieces, a cage, a chest and a bird. All that you see here was modeled by me, and then the paint job was all Ruth. I now realize that I didn’t even ask Ruth if she wanted to do any of the 3D modeling and I feel bad about that, it did not even cross my mind whether or not she wanted to give it a shot, I just assumed that I was the pro so I would do it. Then, as other groups in the class were presenting, it seemed everyone got a small taste of 3D besides Ruth, I should probably apologize to her for that. The reason we ended up choosing a bird in a cage was a few different reasons. We knew that we wanted to do something mystical, so a man with a cage for a head fit the quota very easily. The cage was more of a mistake than anything else. Originally the piece was supposed to be more human, as in have an actual head, that was cage-esque. What ended up happening was a cage and head combination proved to be too much. I was able to model either, a head or a cage. The piece didn’t seem as creative if it was just a head that connected to a chest, so I ended up making the executive decision to go with an explicit cage, and then have a living thing within that. So I ended up going with a bird, which was great. The problem is that the stand that the bird is a little unnatural, if I were to remodel the bird, I would have made it’s base a nest, or something that would have made more sense.

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