Lasercut (New Media 200) Project 2

My lasercut was bad. That’s a bit of a blanket word, because there’s a lot to take into account. Most of my process was actually in check, but some of my execution did not follow through and really compromised the project. I put quite some time into the preparation of the laser cut, I spent a few hours creating a 3D model of a deer head in maya. Taking a 3D class and learning what I have learned really makes me feel like I had an edge on this project, which gave me a lot of confidence from the start, so I was actually very optimistic about this project. I should say early on that I do plan on either recreating this project, or just putting more effort into the 3D print project. So, while my lasercut was executed poorly, I am not very discouraged from the experience and in fact I’m just wondering what will work next time. Whether or not I’m going to re-do the cut is up in the air right now, really all I need to do is find a thinner material to do my cut, I think a lot of my failure came down to the material I used, plus the expectation I had of it. Matboard is a sturdy material, and that is totally applicable to certain projects I’m sure, and I assumed when I picked it up and felt it, that it was the perfect material for my project as well. the problem was, was that it was not at all the case. My model was too small, and had to many small polygons that needed to be folded to work with the sturdy material. Getting one bend in was simple, but getting a complex shape going required me to more or less break the mold that I had been given (usually that’s a good thing, but not in this situation) I started to use the marks on my mat board as more of a suggestion as to where to bend the mat board rather than strict instructions to where to fold the mat board. If I could get my hands on some kind of cereal box material, hell, maybe I’ll just use a cereal box to cut a new version of the deer head.

I think it was not only my material and expectation, but my patience that failed the project. I didn’t fold the mat board and only realize at the end of the project that it was failing. As I was trying to haphazardly tape the project together, I noticed issues, but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to the IMRC and just cut a new deer head template up and fold it the correct way, so I need to be more willing to just bite the bullet and take steps back sometimes to take steps in the right direction. Looking forward to my next project, I think I should get by pretty easily with my 3D ability, but hopefully I’ll get to really challenge myself in my final project which will hopefully incorporate a combination of 2D and 3D.

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