Photoshop the impossible (New Media 104)


In New Media 104, we learned technical skills that would allow us to create things that we didn’t think were possible. For one particular assignment, we were tasked with just that. We were learning photoshop at the time, so to put our new skills to use, we were asked to use imagery and place it together in an unrealistic way. The photo should have also been some kind of narrative on ourselves. Now this I would like to point out is a big problem with the New Media department. As I have learned by working for some clients at an on campus dev team, ASAP, most technical skills won’t be used to reflect one’s self, but rather the wishes of the client. So what possibly could have been a more useful assignment would be is possibly getting together with a peer and asking them about their personality and creating an image that represented someone else. But for a first project in photoshop, maybe the point was to do something much more comfortable. In my case, I have photoshopped myself, into my own mouth, and I am using a large control console to control my larger self.

Purpose being that I couldn’t think of one specific theme to go with but more so a core value that I deeply identify with, which is that I control my own actions. Arguably though, this could be confusing, seeing that someone could interpret this as that I am being controlled. Another reason I did this was because I am very fascinated by Japanese giant robot culture which also are piloted by humans and I thought it fit in nicely.

Photoshop is not easy for me, I’m much more versed in illustrator due to it’s freedom. Photoshop is a very powerful program, but it requires serious knowledge of all of it’s tools if the user (Me) want’s to make anything that looks remotely good.

This image is simply the combination of 2 photos, a close up shot of my face, and a medium shot of me, holding a controller. The close up shot of me has little editing, whereas I edited the background out of the second photo of me so I would fit easily into my own mouth. After that I made a copy of my upper body (of the me that is in my mouth) and pasted it over myself, with a darker tint than the under layer, so it would appear that I was slightly cast over by shadow.

If I had the opportunity to do this again, I would probably enlarge the image so you could see the details that I put into the smaller me. Arguably, the macro micro size contrast makes the image much more humorous to me, but alternatively, it may make more sense to make the focus the control panel, and upon closer inspection, the user should notice that I am in someone’s mouth. Also I took the photos pretty quickly, so maybe two different wardrobes would have worked well for this as well, perhaps a super hero costume would have fit nicely.

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