Photo Project (NMD 200) Project 1

This project specifically required us (new media students) to get into a group with some of our peers and photograph some of the work that we had done in the past to practice recording and documenting our work. The project required some practice with the camera as well, requiring shots that exercised micro and macro shots, outdoor and indoor lighting, and the inclusion of 3 point lighting.

Luckily for me, I have access to the IMRC on weekends, and inclusion to that, some spot lights that are located in the 3D design room. So having to think ahead and take out some of the lights from the designated tech room was not required. I decided to photograph my sketchbooks that I keep (hoard) with me and use from day to day. I draw constantly, I keep track of every idea I have, and try to go back to old ideas that I drew days prior and expand on them. Sketchbooks aren’t just a way for me to record ideas but also practice my skills and study, not just art but it is also where I write most of my notes, which is not good practice.

Photographing the sketchbooks was the most difficult part of this project. I really enjoy manual focus cameras, adjusting the fine settings and seeing the results instantly is a rewarding experience and makes me feel professional. Getting some of the more intense depth of field shots was tough to figure out for a while, having to adjust shutter speed for a while to get the right amount of light, many of the shots kept coming out pretty dark in some of our shots, and had to increase the shutter speed, then became to bright, so on and so forth.

This project was more beneficial for the skills aspect. Rarely do I get to use higher grade cameras, so being assigned a project where I need to use one is always welcome due to the fact I get to hone my skill a little more. Using an iphone camera can take alright pictures but it is not as enjoyable and there isn’t as much depth to an iphone camera photo.

Working a group was alright on this project. My peers and I had no problem meeting up or scheduling a time to meet, but once we got together many of the other students just had to stand around and wait to use the camera. I did use the other students for my shots, I wanted to be in a few, so I needed to direct someone else to take a shot for me which was good practice to vocalize what I needed instead of just fidgeting with a camera by myself until it did what I wanted to.

My video for this project was actually recorded by my friend Dylan. I needed to direct him to record it, and was very specific about what shots he was taking and what I wanted from my video. Recording film is easier said than done, I’m sure it comes with practice, but holding a camera still remains to be difficult and moving it to just where we want it, and making sure we don’t go past the things we want to focus on, or moving the camera to fast to get a different perspective are all things that are still areas of focus. IMG_5212 IMG_5220 IMG_5224

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