New Media 100 – Final (Prezi)

The digital age is upon us and is only evolving. To capture this idea, in New Media 100, our final was to create a pechu kucha that captured our thoughts of what the future could be. I was matched up with 3 other students in the class and we quickly got to work. I actually have a lot of confidence when it comes to presentations so I was very excited for this particular project. The basis of the project also consisted of what we thought the future may hold, so anything was really an option when it came to what we could actually present about. I specifically wanted to focus on the psychological effects the future may have on us and where we are going with the mentality of technology today. I wanted to play off the idea that we use technology more and more every day, and that we are becoming consumed in it. The concept followed young people developing cases of depression and anxiety due to over saturation of internet use, along with the concept of a divide between two forms of the internet, a completely anonymous wild west and a professional internet where users played themselves. As of late I’m not sure if this is particularly true, while I do think we are surrounded by technology, this has never not been the norm. I don’t have many photos to back it up, but photos going back to the 20’s have businessmen hidden behind newspapers. It’s the same mentality when it comes to getting information. So my concept of the future could be disproven by saying we’ve just always been submerged in the technological world and the social feed that comes from it, it is changing form, but not engulfing us more.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 10.47.57 PM

I quickly threw together this photo for the project, an idea that I had for a while that technology makes us evil. Which is not true, but I still stand by the image concept. The female in the photo is Eve, from the story of Adam and Eve, where Eve decides to eat the apple of knowledge. You hopefully know the rest, but more or less, Eve is bad because she decided to do what God told her not to. Which is more or less what technology is, doing things that people had not thought of doing before, whether or not they are evil is really up to the individual, some could argue that the nuke is an evil advancement, where other technologies such as bandaids, could be seen as a positive outcome of our technology. It’s really up to the individual. Hey, maybe bandaids are made in some sweat shop that abuses it’s workers and maybe the nuke saved the world, I’m not sure.

This project had me very engaged but did not particularly challenge me. It required no actual research and was just a really big brainstorm. I enjoyed pouring hours into making and practicing my pecha kucha, but it was more or less for nothing. These are projections of what the future could of been, where a more productive final would be to design the future that we want to see. But maybe that was the point and we all just missed it.

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