Screenshot of the Winter Wonderland environment from the game


“Bad Elf” was a game created in Unity 3D as a three-week project for a class. I worked with Scott Richards to make a multi-level game about Santa and his elves going rogue. This game was created entirely from scratch, using original 3D models and scripts.

This game was presented at the COS 312 class game expo, although it did not win as it was voted that our game “went above and beyond” and therefore “was not in the running.”

You can see a video recording of our game being played below. Please note that this is a recording of the almost finished version of the game, a few edits were made after this video was recorded. Changes included having the Elf on A Shelf disappear when clicked, stopping the Jack In the Box audio when he is defeated, preventing users gun from clipping through objects, and implementing a scoreboard of “Fastest Times.”