Mixing' Pixels Title SlideMixin’ Pixels is an exhibit designed in a group project for a New Media Project Design Workshop. This exhibit aims to introduce children to the concepts of digital color theory.It will provide an educational interactive experience that engages children of various ages in pattern recognition and estimation activities that foster early math skill development, while also providing a subtle introduction to digital color theory.Children will gain experience visualizing values on number lines and mixing colors within the constraints of the digital world in a playful, fun and forgiving environment. Our design combines digital interfaces with mechanical controls every generation has grown up using, which helps bridge the learning gap and engage visitors of all ages.

This project was a challenge due to the find that it had many design constraints due to the exhibit’s intended deployment in Bangor Children’s Museum. There were multiple audiences we needed to appeal to, from young children to their older siblings and parents. Additionally, all designs had to be durable and intuitive. It was extremely important to make sure a child was able to make a clear connection between their actions and result – according to the museum director, if a child wasn’t immediately interested in an exhibit in 30 seconds or less, they’d move onto the next one. Additionally, all designs needed to address some aspects of age-appropriate educational material and fit in with the overall scheme of the surrounding museum features.

For this exhibit we produced a proposal and presented our designs in front of the museum director. Video of our prototype is below.