A high-contrast diagram of a route used in the study.

A high-contrast diagram of a route at Teacher’s College used in the study.

In the late Summer of 2016 I helped run a sample of both sighted participants and blind participants through a study evaluating the use of a real-time audio route description interface supplemented with location-specific iBeacon information. This was a collaboration between the VEMI Lab’s Nicholas Giudice, Koronis Biomedical Technologies, and Click And Go Wayfinding. In addition to running participants, I assisted Nicholas Giudice in the development of route narratives used in the study. I focused on creating a logic and vocabulary to standardize and condense route description narrations into sets of instructions that were usable in real-time navigation in unfamiliar areas. Data analysis and writing on this study has been completed, and a paper is being submitted.

Additionally, after completing this study, I continued working as a consultant for Click And Go Wayfinding, developing narrative descriptions for other areas, such as the Flatiron Plaza In New York City.