NMD 200 – Final Project

Metus is a short film that I made for my final project in ND 200. I am a big fan of horror movies. I think my attraction to horror derives from the strong impacts they have on someone’s emotional state. Fear accomplishes something entirely different than love, sadness or happiness. I’ve always thought it to be so interesting that just images on a screen can cause people to be afraid. I have always looked at watching horror movies to be more of an experience than a way to pass time.
For this project I decided to make a frightening sequence in the form of a short film.

WGS Montage

For my Women and Gender Studies class last semester, we had an extra credit opportunity to give an example of a look at a world without sexist gender representation. Although I threw this together quickly, it was well received by my class mates and my professor. It was a fun little project to make.

CIFF 2013 Documentary

This is my documentary I made for the Camden International Film Festival Class last fall.
It is the first film I every completed entirely on my own.
My subject was Burt Porter, a musician, poet, and Glover, Vermont local.

CIFF 2014 Documentary

This is a documentary I made on Peter Schumman who is the director and founder of the Bread and Puppet Theater Co. in Glover, VT.
This was assigned for the Camden International Film Festival class.