NMD 200 – Final Project

Metus is a short film that I made for my final project in ND 200. I am a big fan of horror movies. I think my attraction to horror derives from the strong impacts they have on someone’s emotional state. Fear accomplishes something entirely different than love, sadness or happiness. I’ve always thought it to be so interesting that just images on a screen can cause people to be afraid. I have always looked at watching horror movies to be more of an experience than a way to pass time.
For this project I decided to make a frightening sequence in the form of a short film.

Project 3 – NMD 200

For Project 3, we decided to incorporate the idea of the wear within the standpipe with projection being broadcasted on a side of the water tower. We thought it would be an interesting concept to show the process of a drop of water and it’s cycle within the ocean. In our proposal, we wanted to portray a storm on the ocean, the ocean freezing, and then a whale breaking through the ice and calming the storm so that the ocean goes back to it’s calm state. We wanted the experience to be very visual.
Group members: Kevin Boucher and Maria Sutryn

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Projection Mapping (Project 2)

For Project 2, my group wanted to incorporate a form narrative that involved different characters interacting with each other. We thought of stereotypical characters that could be fun to have communicate with each other through a range of different motions and gestures. We assigned each character a texture that fit their personality and put each of them in their own frame. Unfortunately we were unable to incorporate our character interactions into the final project because of green screen technical issues. In the end I know our group was happy with the results, regardless of a wasted day of filming.
Group members: Nate Ullman, Miles Pretlove, Julian Hubbard and James Robe

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