portfolioIn a word, I am an explorer. I have always found the most rewarding feeling to be the act of discovering something new and exciting, whether it is a place, an art form, or a movie I have never seen. I grew up part time on the beach-strewn coast of Southern Maine, and part time in the country of the Green Mountain State of Vermont. This lifestyle is what made me enjoy the act of travel and uncovering new adventures.

One of my favorite subjects to explore is art. Growing up in a musical home- environment, and participating in band and chorus throughout high school, I found that I have a strong passion for the musical world. I am also fond of artistic tools such as painting and drawing. My life was changed however, when I discovered film. I know I will always appreciate music and making artwork on paper, but my true passion predominately lies with the world of filmmaking, a skill that I will never cease to explore.

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