Ellie, the imaginary best friend of six-year-old Nicole, finds that she is slowly fading away as Nicole grows up.


Ellie is constantly with Nicole but is confused about her place in life. She feels that her life’s purpose is to be Nicole’s companion but knows from watching her grow that there is more to life than what she is.

Ellie is ignored by Nicole’s parents and thinks it is because she is un-liked by them. She asks Nicole why they don’t like her and she explains that they are unable to see her. Ellie takes this personally and goes out into the world and realizes that no one pays attention to her. Ellie then goes to a large bridge and attempts suicide out of sadness and longing to be noticed. She finds that she cannot die and continues to be Nicole’s friend because she finds acceptance with her.

Story Challenges and Problems:

Ellie cannot find acceptance and becomes depressed with her yearning to be noticed.

Ellie eventually begins to forget moments and realizes that as Nicole grows, she is slowly becoming even more non-existent.

Best Character:

Ellie is the hero and she is fighting to find her purpose in life and to feel accepted by someone besides Nicole.

Basic Action:

When Ellie tries to go out into the world and find acceptance, she realizes no one can see her, and attempts to kill herself.

Character Change:

(A) Ellie tries to get attention from Nicole’s parents, then others.

(W) Ellie finds that no one can see/hear her

(C) Ellie is defeated with sadness and attempts to die, and then she realizes she can’t so she stays with Nicole only to find that she is slowly dying as Nicole ages.

Moral Choice:

Ellie must decide if being Nicole’s companion is enough for her to be happy.

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