NMD Projects

NMD 100:

Website:  http://sarahcourtright.nmdprojects.net/  (Includes assignments and projects from this class)

Bubble Edits

Using photos I took of bubbles with a DSLR camera I experimented in programs like Adobe Bridge and Photoshop to see how I could made the photos more interesting. The dragon (photo on the end) is one of my favorites as the original photo was extremely under exposed. By adding some lines and a touch of yellow, as well as desaturating the rest of the image, I was left with the subtle shape of a dragon’s head.


CourtrightSarah_s1_Best Example of Slow Shutter Speed CourtrightSarah_s1_Best Overall Compositionwinter dragon









Creative Bio Photo

A photo of myself edited to better represent my interests and personality.

Sarah's room( shrunk)crop special








NMD 102:


First project done in Scratch where the goal is to swat as many flies as you can before your time is up.

Screenshot (45) Screenshot (47) Screenshot (49)








A much larger Scratch game where the goal is to live in the city by going to work, the bar, the grocery store, or the park and build your reputation as you go. Choose your character and decide if you’ll be either the best or the worst thing to have happened to your  town. Full Game Here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/13524688/



 Alice Project

A fun short story told in Alice.

Screenshot (61)

 Final Project Process

This video shows the process that created my final project for NMD102.

Screenshot (60)

This video reveals the process of creating my final project for this NMD 102. Utilizing my very limited knowledge of the Arduino and my sculpting skills I created a dragon with eyes that light up when plugged in. It is in this project that I realize that I’d much rather embrace the artistic side of New Media.


NMD 104



Motion Movie

After creating a made up product, I designed a promotional video for said product. I tried to design a program solely for 2D animation.

Screenshot (62)



NMD 295 (Script your world)

Card Party

The final was a long term project where the objective was to design a card game in Sublime Text 2

You can find the game here: http://sarahcourtright.nmdprojects.net/nmd295/index.html

Screenshot (31) Screenshot (32) Screenshot (33) Screenshot (34) Screenshot (35)













NMD 200

Screenshot (56)

Projection Mapping

Documentation of a projection mapping project. The group decided to project on three surfaces of a white box. Each surface is meant to show the same character in a new dimension.

Screenshot (58)

KFI Animation WIP

A work in progress video of my final project. I intend to create a short animation film revolving around a story created by the group of adults with cognitive disabilities attending an “Independent Living class” for KFI ( Katahdin friends Inc.).

Screenshot (59)


The final project completed. I call it “A very Strange Day” as that is what the story illustrates.The Independent Living class is intended to help adults with cognitive disabilities work on on certain everyday skills. The exercise that created this story was a matter of collaboration, practicing to to work together with others. They each took turns telling one part of the the story and then the next until they created an amusing piece of work. Making this simple story into a full animation is intended to inspire these adults with what they own ideas can lead to. 

PIC_0806 6-1014-19








NMD 324 & 424

Screenshot (52)

 Sydney’s Room

An animatic created for a project that required a story involving a character named Sydney, a tube of lipstick, and the quote “I told you this would happen.” Another challenge to this project was that everything had to be finished within the span of six hours. The artwork took four hours to make and the voicing and editing took the other two.


Screenshot (63)

You & Me

Another project where the challenge was to create a short film within the span of six hours. The genre here is “Musical,” The quote was “Who do you think you are?” and the required prop was a glove. Unfortunately, the audio spikes in some places, however the process of creating this skit was very enjoyable.

Screenshot (66)

3D Design

The objective for this assignment was to take a normally mundane scene and dramatize it with clever editing and use of instrumental music.


Screenshot (65)

Audio Editing

In this project we are instructed to recreate the audio for this particular film short.





NMD 270

frilled dapple greypigeon shootMix-Media Print










These are a few examples of assignments from my Digital Art I class which I am currently in the process of taking.

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