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My name is Sarah Courtright; I was born and raised in Bangor, Maine; I’m a second year student at the University of Maine in Orono, majoring in the New Media program and minoring in Studio Art and I dedicate most of my time to story writing and drawing in hopes to one day produce and animate my own films. I hope for the New Media program to help me reach that goal, but also hope for it to expand my horizons as well as refine my networking skills.

For as long as I can remember, my art has been as important as breathing to me. Pencils, sharpies, and paintbrushes have become an extension of my hand. When I was younger, drawing was the door-opener that allowed my imagination to take a solid shape for the first time. There were no backgrounds at first; the made up worlds of my mind were still to fuzzy and vague to put on paper. Now those worlds and all the creatures in them are more developed and ingrained in my head; now my art tells stories. I was inspired by numerous online artists who had their own stories to tell, One day I thought, Why not I make my own?

My illustrative habits give my wildest dreams breath. The fantastic creatures often used for my works’ subject matter made the impossible, reality, if only for a moment. Graphic novels and animation give my creations a voice and allow me to live within the adventures of my own creation. As the artist, each new panel/frame is the new obstacle to overcome alongside the protagonist. I hope to one day finish my stories, animate them, and share them with others.

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