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Capstone | Ryan Wilks
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Capstone Proposal
Updated November 12th, 2016

This Capstone is intended to display the audio production techniques that I have learned throughout my three years in the New Media program.  All the pieces created in the exhibit will be created by myself, and also include pieces I have made in collaboration with others.  This compilation will be installed at the Emera Astronomy Center located at the University of Maine in Orono campus.

The Problem:
With emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality, a surround sound environment is the perfect aid to a fully immersive experience.  Outlets such as 5.1 surround sound audio in movies, surround sound for virtual reality, and complex sound designs as artistic elements will make this exhibit practical.

By working closely with select faculty members of the New Media program at the University of Maine in Orono, I hope to achieve a 35-45 minute collection of surround sound pieces that I can exhibit at the Emera Astronomy Center in early May.  This exhibit will include collaborative pieces from the theatrical performance Constellations as well as numerous surround sound designs by myself, a third-year New Media student at the University of Maine in Orono. The pieces that will be on display will be a true representation of my production skills. The main intent of this exhibit will be to open up a new perspective on how captivating sound can be, even without supporting visuals.

Task List:
(Order is subject to change)
– Brainstorm and generate a detailed procedure
– Contact coordinator of Emera Astronomy Center
– Create a specific intent
– Contact collaborators
– Gather sounds via samples and instruments
– Process sounds into complex soundscapes
– Devise promotional process
– Critique sounds
– Revise sound designs
– Finalize promotional process
– Initiate promotion plan
– Test of exhibit

– Collaborators: Constellations, Gene Felice, Duane Shimmel
– Audience: General audience
– Special hardware or software: Logic Pro X, Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11, Maschine Studio, IMRC Room 106
– Exhibition space: Emera Astronomy Center located at the University of Maine in Orono campus
– Web host and domain: nmdportfolios.org

Capstone Budget


Constellations Agenda