Cue App Design

This is a project I completed in the Spring of 2014 for NMD 104 at the University of Maine. The assignment was to design the interface for an app that would solve a problem you face. I DJ at wedding receptions most weekends, and receiving requests is a constant struggle. Inevitably someone would like to request a song when things are getting busy and there’s really no time to stop and talk. The app that I created is called Cue. It allows users to remotely request songs and announcements to be made. It gives the user access to the DJ’s music library so they know if the song is available, but gives them a “Request Anyway” feature if the song is not currently in the library. The app allows users to request songs whenever they please and allows the DJ to deal with those requests when they have a moment of downtime. I created the logo, color scheme, and interface for the app.



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