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Elaborate packaging for the generic product cotton balls. I creating a box similar to a hat or cake box, with a very feminine look. The ‘Beauty Buds’ are used for beauty touch-ups. The logo consists of three different colored dandelions in which each “bud” can be pulled off like when you use the product. I wanted the look of the buds blooming when you open the box. Choosing where I put the buds, I created individual flowers with the different colors. Forty colored cotton balls were used and glued on lollipop sticks that I cut and stuck in styrofoam to easily grab the “bud” and use it on your face. The styrofoam ball was cut in half and glued on top of a plastic container to hold extra beauty buds. The top can easily be twisted off to grab more beauty buds if needed and be popped back on for a colorful display.