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3 Things….

We sat down to speak with local skiers

Alex Introne and Dan Perry…

to discuss what has been on everyone’s mind. The conditions we are having this early in the season here at Sugarloaf are bringing back memories of winters long past. Will this be the season?

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Early Season Stoke


Before it was known as Raft City USA,

The Forks was a main stay in the logging business…

and the lifestyle in these parts was quite a bit different. I caught up with Elio Lambo, a raft guide in The Forks to ask him about the state of the rafting community.

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Raft City, USA


In the case of late season Mountain Biking

in Orono, there is only one true champion…

He who shalt only be referred to as the Mountain Goat talks his favorite trails in town, and gives you a leg up on late season mountain biking dos and don’ts.

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Billy Goat’s Law