Capstone Initial Proposal


My project is a new music listening service that will be usable online to stream music. In addition to rating and reviewing songs/albums/artists, users will be able to share other songs with members of the community, and also directly recommend what you may think they will enjoy listening too. This allows for results of the streaming service to be more reliably similar in genre/sound.


In current web-based streaming services, music selection is based directly on computer algorithms which respond to a user’s ‘liking’ or ‘skipping’ of a song. Oftentimes, computer algorithms are not actually interpreting the sounds in a piece of music – they just look for similarities between it and other music. Just because two songs have a ‘strong female lead’ or ‘world drums’ in them does not in any way mean that a user who likes one will also like the other. Instead what is needed is a many to many approach where users can recommend music to one another after being able to directly view/listen to their tastes. There is no keener listener to music than humans – and that should be utilized.


This is a subject I need to research more, as I have not been able to find any real scientific data. I think that for this section my best course of action is to poll my peers and get feedback as to what they think are the problems, and then utilize this data to make a more substantiated claim in my final proposal.


I propose the creation of a new online (and possibly app based) music streaming service. Unlike other music streaming services, this suite is far more community based. Users create progiles that share their musical likes and dislikes in terms of genre/artist. This is publicly viewed by other users, in addition to the log of what music they listen too. Users can now suggest music they will like to their peers on the site directly – bypassing random song selection based on algorithms and likes/dislikes.


September – Finalize project/collaborators
Late Sept./Early Oct. – Begin Web Design


None Confirmed/planned as of this time.


Licensing Costs for Music – this will need to be discussed. At first to make this work we may need to use music from internet archive or ??
Web Domain – 15$/month
Advertising – 10$/month