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NEW MEDIA | Meo Pourreyron
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NMD 100

Introduction to New Media                                 TERM: Fall 2013 INSTRUCTOR(s): Larry Latour and Amy Pierce

An introduction to the historical contexts, concepts, technical concerns and production processes fundamental to New Media. Topics include history of new media/desktop computing, communication theory, issues for design and interactivity, hardware and computer science foundations of new media and basic software parameters related to digital art, Web design, video and sound production…  source

NMD 102 

Introduction to New Media Technologies,
Interaction Design and Prototyping                      TERM: Fall 2013 INSTRUCTOR(s): Michael D. Scott and Yeshe Parks

Students are provided an introduction to and overview of new media and emerging technologies, interaction design, and software development. Topics covered include social networking, mobile computing, and physical computing.  Students develop skills in research, group collaboration, brainstorming practices, concept development, and rapid project prototyping. Course is taught via a lecture/lab format… source

NMD 104

Design Basics for New Media                                TERM: Spring 2014 INSTRUCTOR(s): Sheridan Kelley

Introduction to principles and theories of visual design, in traditional and electronic media; processes, methods and technologies relative to the creative production of two-dimensional visual imagery; use of the computer as a creative tool for the development of expressive and professional images. Focus on the creative process in visual design… source

NMD 200 

New Media Strategies                                            TERM: Fall 2014 INSTRUCTOR(s): Gene A. Felice II and Neil Shelley

This course covers new media culture and theory of the present, bringing students up to speed on a range of contemporary artistic, political, and ethical issues in the field.  Students in this course also extend the technical skills acquired in previous courses by applying them to a creative application of their own individual or collaborative design, such as an advanced portfolio. Course is taught via lecture with labs… source

NMD 341

Photographic Reporting and Storytelling             TERM: Fall 2014 INSTRUCTOR(s): Cyle ‘O Donnell

An overview of photojournalism history, theory and ethics. Exercises teach skills and strategies used by newspaper, magazine and on-line photographers and editors and challenge students to deal responsibly with issues of invasion of privacy, subject representation, copyright and fair use and image manipulation… source

NMD 344 

Time-Based Art and Design I                                 TERM: Fall 2014 INSTRUCTOR(s): Sheridan Kelley

An introduction in the concepts, process, methods, principles and theories posed by digital video, anunatun, and audio. Students investigate unique problems in design and production presented by time-based media as well as apply the aesthetic and design principles in the creation of artistic, expressive and/or conceptual structures in time-based media… source

NMD 345 

Networks and Creativity I                                       TERM: Spring 2014 INSTRUCTOR(s): John Ippolito

Explores the translation of works across media and between individuals, and the impact of copyright and open-source licensing on sharing the scores, scripts, and sources necessary for such translations.  In class projects, students apply techniques such as migration, emulation, and reinterpretation to preserve obsolescent media such as vintage games as well as to remix contemporary media such as digital images and audio… source