I am an undergraduate student in the New Media program at the University of Maine, Orono. I am minoring in Graphic Design. I focus in visual design, commercial and industrial design. I do freelance work on my spare time and also work as a laboratory tech at the IMRC. Second site: mpourreyron.com

Multimedia Skills:

Photo Editing Photoshop. Vector Graphics Illustrator. Layout Design InDesign. Video Editing: Premiere Pro, After Effects. 3D Modeling: Fusion 360, Aspire, Mesh mixer. Photography Digital Photography. Web development: in HTML, CSS, and Word Press. 2-D Printing Epson 9900. Laser-Cutting/Engraving Universal Versal Laser VLS 4.60. 3-D Printing: ZCops Z450, Stratasys Objet 30, Makerbot Replicator 2, Type A Machine Series 1 Pro.