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Primary Idea | Meo Pourreyron
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The idea was to research ways for students at the University of Maine to create an online community where they would share and access information. By creating a space where students can create connections, the outcome may be a more active participation and interest in the things happening at the university. 

The research phase plan mainly focused on comparing different online portals of the university. Find out how to include all of them in one place. It also includes finding all the resources available for students: tutoring, equipment renting, clubs, etc. Then create a website and application prototype that could be tested throughout the school-year:


1. Getting familiar with the community at the university of Maine

  • Create a complete list of Umaine portals.
  • Compare them.
  • Survey on the usage of the portals Umaine currently possess: FirstClass, MaineStreet, CareerLink, Tutoring, Umaine Bookstore, Carpool, BAT bus, The Tip Whip LLC, CCA (…)
  • Compare the statistics and draw conclusion.
  • Survey on “if there were a place where the university’s community could interact would you use it?” (success rate: at least 30% out of the quantity of students attending)
  • Review the stats. Write conclusion.
  • Compare success rate to usage of the most popular portal at the university.
  • Survey on platforms(smartphones, computer, tablets, wearable technology…) most used at the university.
  • Select platforms to focus on.
  • Survey on what people are most interested to learn, get info, and interact with (organizations, tutoring, events at the CCA…)

2. Prototype Realization

  • Get consent from contents that will be used for prototype(organizations and from other portals)
  • Demo user profiles
  • Demo club/organization profiles
  • Linkage of social media accounts to profiles
  • Sign up/sign in page
  • Interactive map
  • Create Tutor Space
  • “ ” Sport Space
  • Make schedule appear on profiles

3. Prototype Launch and Testing

4. Post-Prototype Conclusions

  • Get feedback, improve features upon them
  • Work on responsiveness

5. Prototype Amelioration and Re-launching(update)