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Floating in Love, Projection Mapping Project | Meo Pourreyron
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GROUP MEMBERS     Sze Wing Wong    Mitch Sroka    Lauren Kelly    Ethan Morse

Floating in Love was a projection project I realized with SZE Wing Wong, Mitch Sroka, Lauren Kelly and Ethan Morse. Mitch and Lauren came up with this idea of creating a love story with shadows and animations. We had two weeks to make this project come to life. There were 4 major steps in the making: Script writing which was beautifully executed by Lauren and Mitch. Filming Mitch and I’s shadows acting the script, with Mitch’s knowledges, we put together a white sheet screen and studio lights to create sharp shadows. Filming and editing the behind the scenes were done by SZE Wing Wong. My part in this piece was to create a story board so we would know what kind of animations would be appearing around the shadows then  creating the animations in after effect. The final piece had this personal touch: a piano soundtrack that one of Mitch’s friends had created just by watching the animations:



SCRIPT      NMD 200 Projection Script