NMD200 Final

When starting this project it was thought that entire process would not be too difficult. I never thought that I would have run into some of the issues to the degree that I did. What this project really turned out to be was something too complex to build on my timeframe. That being said I did try very hard to complete something worthwhile.  


So when I ended up creating was a dancing fly swatter. As bugs approach the device the device will spring into action and start swatting away the bugs. The way that this final product worked was having an elevated platform where 8 servo motors sat that connected to fly swatters created out of laser cut paper.


This final production I am very proud of. This was really a project where I just took what was given to me and reacted based on what happened. The main struggle that I had with this entire project believe it or not was just getting what needed to stick together to do so. I spent too many hours in the IMRC gluing and regluing servos and legs together. I ended up regluing everything together 5 times. Once with once wood glue, twice with hot glue and twice with e6000 glue. The only glue I had success with was the e6000 but it took nearly 24 hours to fully dry and still ended up failing after a few hours of the device in use.


When I had my bug originally walking it worked, but the code for the project was a nightmare. I had roughly 300 lines of code written for my Arduino and it worked rather well, but writing code to make the bug turn and walk in different directions would have been a lot of work that I just simply could not have completed in the given timeframe. I estimated that all of the code needed to be written would have taken me another 12 hours to be fully tested and bug free.


One difficulty that I encountered with this project was the sheer amount of wires that I had to deal with. From the top of the project I had to run 24 different wires into the Arduino that controlled the servos. I just simply did not have enough space inside of the enclosure as I would have liked. However that being said I like the size of the project. I am glad that I did not end up cutting out a larger base for it.
All in all I am rather happy with how everything turned out for this project in the end. (Minus the fact that someone at New Media night broke off 2 legs). It is a project that pushed me and required me to get creative. It required me to learn something new, Servo motors, and become better familiar with different types of glue. This project tested my patience and really taught me to plan a project full out before taking any steps to bring it into reality.




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