NMD102: Scratch: Ups and Downs

Working with two other students the following game was created using the Scratch programming language. The only requirement for this game is that it had to be made in Scratch and fall under the category of edutainment.  My partners produced the art work and the questions while I put everything together with code.

What we ended up with for a final project I am fairly happy with especially because this was my first experience in this language.

The game is called called Ups and Downs based off of the childrens game Snake and Ladders.

Rules to play and the game and a link to it is produced below.

“1. Press the green flag button to begin. (Twice to restart)
2. Begin by entering your name as prompted.
3. Press the “ROLL!” button to roll the dice.
4. Your character will move the number of spaces rolled, starting at
the lower left corner of the board.
5. Once you land on a square, you will be asked a multiple choice question of the category specified at the left.
– If you land on a space with a white hand and answer correctly,
you will be moved to the space the hand is pointing to.
Incorrectly, you will stay where you are.
– If you land on a space with a black arrow and answer
incorrectly, you will be moved to the space the hand is
pointing to. Correctly, you will stay where you are.
6. The goal is to reach the end of the board. Good Luck!”



This project while the most difficult to program took quite a long time to program with all he questions and having to figure out how to successfully move.


Shot of the player after answering a question waiting to roll


The player getting ready to answer a question


A player named Matthew after winning the game


A screen shot of some of the question code


A close up


Some of the movement code


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