NMD341- Photo story I – Bangor Bizarre

For my photography class NMD341, I chose to explore and capture the oddities of small shops in Bangor.  I wanted the photos to have a sense of timelessness, so I worked in black and white.  Below shows both printed and digital samples.

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NMD341- Photo story II – Capturing the Quiet of Maine

This time for my photo story I wanted to focus on capturing the abandoned/desolate parts of Maine.   The intent was to show how quiet the state becomes post-tourist season and to depict the other side of Maine that most tourists don’t see outside of May-September.  Printed photos are currently in the possession of my professor; to be posted as soon as returned.

Until then, you can access the digital PDF version here NMD341_PhotoStory2




And a various mixture of my own photography…


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