As an introduction to NMD200, we created personal Prezi’s to present our current work to the class.           Work not seen within this website can be found here:  





River Mapping – A Water Projection Mapping Team Project

Team Members – Lauren Kelly, Meo Pourreyron, Adam Lynch, Kayleigh DeFrancesco

Interactive PDF features: website hyperlinks, design schematics, timeline, budget break down & project description

The project: revolved around the open ended theme of water… my group decided to create a proposal for a project that would visit 20 Maine rivers, collect a series of footage and project it for live display onto the Bangor Thomas Hill Standpipe.  We were in charge of assessing all details from the budget, schematics, timeline & visual representations.  This was a very useful project as it forced us to think of every possible detail as if it was an actual 6 month-long project. Our team worked well together in collaboration of this proposal. Full PDF accessible here: nmd200_standpipeproject-2


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NMD200 Final Project- A Musical Visualization Project

Team Members – Toni Kaplan, Katie Galley(also our musician), Kayleigh DeFrancesco

Our group had the idea to explore the mind of a musician.  Why not create a visualization to represent what a musician feels when they play?  Better yet, what happens when you get a syntesthete who plays music?  What do they see, taste and hear and how does that intertwine with musical notation?  This exploration of questions lead us to the development of our final project idea: a visual projection synchronized to live music.  Our original idea was to have this visualization (created in processing)  projected onto Katie’s music stand in front of her while she played the saxophone.  I prepared material to be projected while she wasn’t playing live, featuring Katie’s silhouette & processing visuals (seen below).  Additionally, PDF proposal & poster can be seen here:  NMD200_FinalProjPortfolio

..and a preview of the visualizations processed to live music…

…and here is the visualization to the Pink Panther song played on alto sax, without silhouette.


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Photo Assignment 1 -An assignment to demonstrate our understanding of aperture, shutter speed and ISO.  I chose to shoot mid day to the golden hour, which made it a little more tricky, but it also made for some great fall colors.

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Projection Mapping Project- Car Road trip

Group Members- Adam Lynch, Toni Kaplan, Kevin Boucher, Joseph McDonald, Kayleigh DeFrancesco

This was our group’s first take on projection mapping.  Instead of sticking to a typical surface our group decided to explore what it would be like to project onto a car to make it look like it was moving.  Toni and I collected a series of panorama images and smoothly combined them together in Photoshop to use as the footage seen in the car windows.  We then mapped out the car and placed the long panorama behind the silhouette and once played, traveled through the image as seen through the windows.  We also added an effect so that the wheels looked like they were moving (process done in After Effects).  The final test was recorded on campus on halloween night and then edited for presentation.