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This page features a sampling of  projects from various New Media, Art and Graphic Design courses.


NMD206- Project Design Workshop

The ClimaCast project was created by a small class of students.  By class completion, a working prototype was produced, a website was launched, videos were incorporated and a mockup KickStarter was created.  My responsibilities include graphic design work (specifically the logo/branding), web design & the creation of the mockup Kickstarter campaign.

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ENG317- Course Infographic

The infographic below features a simple break down of the course types I’ve studied at UMaine.  It was created for a technical writing course to demonstrate academic statistics through a visual info graphic.

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NMD345- Interactive iBook – remix of “Where the Wild Things Are” 

We were asked to preserve one of our favorite stories or movies by remixing it for today’s technology in whatever form we sought best.  A classic for many & a personal childhood favorite, I chose to make a “sequel” to “Where the Wild Things Are”.  A custom javascript widget was incorporated for interactivity.   PDF version can be seen here.


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NMD104- UCUBED logo identity & web design 

Assignment:  Create your own unique product or service and design a way you would market it to consumers. What I came up with: UCUBED Garlands- a  service that allows you to design a garland made up of your personalized polyhedron shapes.  Options would include everything from paper substrate to color and rope length.  The bonus features: upload your own pictures to appear on the polyhedra … AND/OR add LED lights!  My intent was to attract customers with appreciation for craftsmanship.  I envisioned the target consumer as a bride to be, wedding planner, decorator, etc… anybody looking for personalized decorations.

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Technical Writing White Paper –  Impacts of Holographic Technology on Design

For ENG317, technical writing, we were in charge of creating a white paper discussing a new trend of choice.

Holographic impacts on design- white paper

Graphic Design II (ART350) Packaging & Planogram Studies 

Pieces above are from the portion of my ART350 class focused on physical packaging.  The colored planogram was for a field study of department store shelving.  This was an introductory exercise into another assignment where we had to create the packaging for a unique generic product.  Samples from package wraps I designed for my product are seen above.  The final product was just turned in so more photos will be posted once I get it back during final’s week.

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Greeting Card Series Part I: Anniversary, Birthday 

As a personal project, I decided to start making my own greeting cards.  The detail and personal touches that go into it are irreplaceable. Not to mention… the crazy prices of cards these days!  These are great practice for my own skills and I plan on continuing the series as the year unravels with each new celebratory event or holiday.



Logo for Mechanical Engineering Tech Senior Capstone- “Notes for Nia”

I was confronted by an engineering student and asked to design a logo for his team’s capstone.  Notes for Nia is their MET senior design project in which they are currently building a device to help Nia play the recorder with her music class.  Nia is a local elementary student with just one hand, whose favorite color is purple… so I made sure to subtly include a hint of purple, while still keeping the logo professional enough for a group of 7 guys.

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**MISC.** NMD200 River Mapping Projection Project: Proposal 

Interactive PDF version      |        Please see “NMD200” for full display and project details.

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Graphic Design II (ART350) Photo Book 

As our final project (& to complete my graphic design minor) we were assigned to design and construct our own books.  We were given free reign to choose our book’s topic and I chose one to feature my own photography from across the state of Maine.  I divided the sections by location: Greater Bangor, Downeast, Greater Portland & Southern Maine.  I wanted the book to be a colorful, fun sampling of my work with brief text describing my experience of each location.  This was a powerful independent learning experience that was a month long in the making.  The final book came to 44 pages once printed, manually cut (a very long/tedious process) and bound.

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Animated Infographic

An attempt to combined simple animated GIF’s into a working infographic. The piece walks through the micro & macro effects of fast food.




DeFrancesco_2Infographic DeFrancesco_3Infographic




NMD104 Promotional Video for Unique Product/Service

In my Design Basics class we were assigned to make a short promo video for a product or service we made up.  This was ultimately a practice exercise leading up to our final project, similar, but with our own original content and ad’s.  I chose to put together a video advertising for a service (MediaTrade) that you could sell your images & videos to as stock footage.  The service would also offer the option to curate slideshows, presentations, etc. that you would order.




NMD102 Unity Game

For Mike Scott’s NMD102 class,  we were given a short amount of time as a group to learn and develop a game in Unity, a game engine.  The idea was centered around being lost on an island.  As you traveled around, you would collect different items for you inventory, with each one leading you closer to your escape.  I developed all the visuals of the island and spent hours coding features like the inventory and character log.  It was a very time consuming project that required an abundance of patience and research.





NMD102 Alice 

Group Members: Katie Galley, Laura Smith, Joseph McDonald

Using Alice, we put together a narrative featuring our main character, Ryan, as he travels through an adventurous night’s sleep. All the motions, actions, talk bubbles, etc. were coded within the program. The screencasts can be found below via Google Drive.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 4.08.31 PM




NMD295- Javascript Card Game

Using Javascript and CSS, I coded a card game for one of our final projects to be accessed via our original NMD websites.  The game had to be completely original and had to be completely programmed using Javascript language.  This was definitely a challenge, but it was worth the experience.





Also feel free to visit my html-designed website from NMD100 ft. other various works: