Script Your world

This was an interesting class because he taught it as we knew little to nothing about coding, which we didn’t. This was a very difficult class regardless because of coding though I was able to come out with something things didn’t go well. I did stuff on my own but it was very hard to get the coder mind set and that’s one thing I can easily say I hate about new media. It’s not very friendly to people who don’t have a portion of the mindset. For people like me who have tried and failed at it and have come to this program for something else don’t do too well. Here are a few project we man in html, they’re just pictures but they actually move and do stuff.


This first one was after we made random triangles which I can’t remember where they are, It’s Mario sprites walking into each other yay.Screen-Shot-2014-12-14-at-3.31.26-PM

 Final Project

This was our final project, we needed to make a card game, one that didn’t exists and put it into html which was really hard to do. I’m not the best with this kind of stuff because it requires you to think through coding which isn’t how my mind works.

It was a card game that I made up along with a different one that consisted of a lot of math, counting up what was in your hand and on the table to make sure they didn’t go over a certain amount.

High or low is a variation of perfect 50 (our first game idea). Each person can start off with any amount of cards in there hand, four is the base amount, limit of 3 or 4 players. A card or two, depending on how long you want the game to go, will be placed in the middle. Each player will then place their heights or lowest card in the middle as a base. Now each person must place cards in the middle, if highest then the limit is K(13) and once a higher card is placed you can’t place a lower card and opposite with lowest. Aces are 1 and the lowest, all the other cards have face value except for J, Q and K which are 11,12,13. Once one player cannot play a card they lose.