From the Other Side


Sequel: The Other Side

A beautiful morning, a man named Michael steps out of an airport in a tan trench coat and hat, holding a brief case. A plane passes over the air port as he slowly walks down the stairs until he reaches the bottom where a man stood in front of him. The man was dark in skin color and wore a dirty white t shirt and a vest with gloves, boots like he was ready for war. They looked at each remember their past together yet that didn’t change what each of them had in mind and what they needed to do. The man that stood facing the airport speaks saying,

“You shouldn’t have come.”

“You know I can’t just ignore it, I have to do something, I have to stop this.”

“I can’t let you stop this, we don’t belong here. I know I can’t stop you and I don’t want to fight.”

His expression changed, he was doing something daring even though he wasn’t there to fight.
He extends his hand and told Michael to talk it out with “him” while the materials that make up the airport suddenly change into a black hand. The hand extends out of the building going towards Michael.

By the time he realizes it the hand is right behind him so before it grabs him he says “Well this is a nice welcome.” It grabs him and brings him back towards the building yet not into it. He disappears along with hand into a hidden space within this world.

Michael wakes up standing and finds himself in a odd place with the swirling cosmic like colors around him but is unfazed. He appeared standing and he is now holds a scythe in the place of his brief case with the handle like a brief case. The space seemed to of revealed the true form of his item. He prepares to fight as mysterious solders with swords or spears appear around him. Fights break out as he runs down the illuminated path, he swings his scythe around taking all of them out as they appear, and continues. The path brought him to a room only to find an old man sitting cross legged on the ground. The man sat with his eyes closed, he was waiting for Michael and as soon as he walked up to the old man he spoke.

“So you’ve come, you’ve grown since we last met, do you still wish for revenge with a new goal in mind or have you come with a nobler quest?”
“Am I so simple that I my goal is so easily seen”
Though it was true that he’d come out of anger he was indeed there for a better reason, clenched his fist around his weapon and looked angrily at the old man and says,
“I’m here to protect what I love most even though I can never be part of it I’ll fight for it.”

“You now have no doubt about what your goal is yet, what you’ve come to do may not satisfy everyone, and that’s why it seems I must stop you.”
The old man said this as he stood up the continued to say one last thing.
“Though I don’t agree with their methods this is our only chance we can actually belong but I believe that everyone has their own path and fate will decide which path is correct, prepare yourself.”
“I don’t want to hurt you, just let me go, you can find happiness too.”
“It’s too late for that, this is what must be done, just as you’ve chosen your path I must continue down my own no matter what I have to do.”

Michael had no other choice but to prepare himself just as the only man was preparing his weapon.

The old man that stood there in old torn up cloths pointed his palms down towards the ground. Something that looked like a necklace hung down from his hand, he didn’t take time to figure out what it was because he didn’t know what was coming next. The ground below his hands suddenly liquified then gathered on his arms and legs, also covering the necklace, where he could change the shape of the material at will. The old man look sympathetic like he really didn’t want to fight yet didn’t think he could finish his mission and go back home, he didn’t belong in the human world. Though they didn’t really know each other that well the old man still treated him as an old friend saying “Prepare yourself I won’t hold back.” Michael was focused and prepared for anything.
The fight off when the old man charged forward and when Michael saw this he swung his scythe yet the old man was agile enough to dodge

The old man could no longer continue and fell to this knees, though he felt there was still stuff he had to do he was still happy. He was happy to see others following a different path then revenge. Though he too was trapped by revenge he hesitated to follow most of the endeavors that lead to killing. He always felt like there was more to everything but couldn’t object the main goals of the leaders so he follows with a felling that he was missing something and teaching all the others who are lost to follow what they believe in, not baseless feelings. Hoping that they will change something about this world. Before he fell to the floor he smiled and looked at Michael to say his final words, “I’m glad you found your meaning, If only I could of found mine. Live on and change this world.” He then collapsed to the floor with a puddle of blood under him. Michael just walked past him with an expressionless face, trying not to feel sad and to focus on what he needed to do. The old man was gone and his body would soon fade away freeing him from being lost, he would now go to the after life. Michael now saw what was in the old man’s hand, the locket now lay on the floor but he didn’t bother looking at it and just walked past. The locket that was precious to the old man was open and revealed a picture of a woman with a young boy next to her. A voice over of the old man says “

went on for hours, the old man could move surprisingly fast for his age, keeping up with the speed and preciseness of the man in the trench coat. Inevitably the old man’s blades shattered as he became exhausted, leaving him with nothing to defend himself. The man hesitates to deliver the final blow, he spoke one last time, “I’ve learned that everything we’ve thought about this world is wrong and I can’t allow this to go on. I won’t let anyone get in my way.”
“I’m glade you’ve found where you belong, that’s is what we all want. Just make sure that you don’t forget about the rest of us like the world had.”
“I won’t.”
“Though I still hold a grudge I won’t stop you from doing what you believe is right, now go, I won’t stop you anymore. Just make sure you end my misery.”
“Sorry it has to be this way, I’ll make everything better soon enough, we may not belong here anymore, but every one has a place, goodbye.” The man with the scythe tabs him with his blade. As the old man falls to the floor he whispers, “No matter what happens, i’ll always remember you as the man good man you are, my son.” The world around him soon starts to disappear, as the man starts to walk away, his scythe turning back into the brief case, his face is emotionless, it was no time to be sad, something was going on and he had to stop it. The airport soon appeared back behind him and he continued down the stone steps towards the city.
At the same time a young boy with two other boys behind him standing in an alley, as a gang, are talking to three other guys from a different gang called the Razor. Razor consists of people in their high twenties and thirties and the boy’s gang members were mostly young adults, 18 or 20 year olds. The older looking guy in their gang is talking with the group of older gang members from Razor and just like they agreed to they will prove their worth. They call for the young boy with his hat and his pipe hooked on his pants. The determination in his blue eyes as he looked up at the buildings in the alley then at the men in front of him. They wanted him to race to another alley near the city hall to show their skills and coordination with parkour in order to prove that they are worth merging into one gang. The boy with the hat was the prime candidate because of a special skill he acquired. It didn’t take longer for him to take off running and jumping from wall to wall like a ninja using his pipe to push from wall to wall. The other guys thought there eyes were deceiving because they saw the pipe extent and maybe some moving concrete when he touched the pipe to the ground. He could change the pipe into anything he wanted but when he wanted to morph something else the poe needed to touch it as a medium. Because of this power he makes it in good time. When he gets to the destination he finds two guys form Razor beating up an innocent man for money. He hears them say “We gave you long enough, we want our money now or your just going to have to die right here” as they pulled out a knife while beating him. He jumps down to say “He what the hell’s going on?” They all looked at him, the one holding the knife walked up to him “Sup man, you made, guess we’re partners now but we got this and we’ll talk later.” He starts walking back to the man on the floor that they were beating. The boy rushed to stop the man with the knife saying
“That’s not what I was talking about, put down the knife and let the man go!”
The man with the knife stopped and turned around then slowly walked up to him. “Who do you think you are, I thought we were bros now I mean you are the one who wanted our gangs to join and now you’re trying to stop us from getting our money, you’re fucking with. How about you walk away and we both pretend this never happened, i’ll do this for, just don’t let it happen again, you understand me?” They stared at each other intensely with anger until he decided to speaking up saying
“I don’t think I can do that so how about you walk away from that and i’ll forget I ever saw you beating him up for money, I also won’t kick your ass.”
The men in the background drop the man onto the floor allowing him to run away, then walked over to surround the boy. A fight was about to go down as they all pulled out knives, the leader says “You just made the biggest mistake of your life, you’re dead and you can just forget about our gangs joining up. We’re going to kill all your little friends along with you.” The boy pulled out his pipe as the gang members get ready to fight. The boy didn’t want to kill them so he smoothed out his pipe. They started to swing their knives at him and he dogged every one while using his pip to knock the knives out of their hands and knock them out. The Fight didn’t last long as he avoided all their hits and put them down. Once all of them were on the floor he put his pipe away but was interrupted by two cops walking up to him and asking if everything was alright. They had guns in hand pointed at him yet didn’t lower them. He assured them that everything was alright but something wasn’t right, he felt something was off as he looked into the cop’s eyes. He acted on it by quickly taking out his pipe and attempting to take out one of the cops yet his pipe was stopped by an elongated gun. His suspicions were correct, leading the cops to reveal their true identities. They were more formidable with their attacks because they were using the same type powers. They were the target of his revenge so he turned his pipe into a sword to take care of these guys. It was convenient that they were after him as well but they were just small fries and not the ones he wanted to take on. They were using their guns, making the bullets bigger, making them blades or whips with explosions, all to take him out. Yet again it didn’t take that long until they were on the floor dead only making him want to go after them even more but before that he had to go back to his gangs hide out because what he just did will have consequences.
He made it back to the hide out in a small alley way there’s a door that leads to stairs going underneath one of the buildings. As soon as he walked in and saw everyone there staring at him, some with bruises other looked like they were untouched but no one was happy. There was Caleb who was a year younger then him was beaten up the most but was tougher then he looked.  Clay was actually two years older then him and as a big and tough guy he was unmatched in fighting and always out to get the position of leader.


Jason just stared at them until Clay started to talk. Unimpressed he said “Well look how showed up, didn’t think you’d show up after what you did. After all the work we did to even get The Razor’s to talk to us and we were steps away form having a good relationship but you go ahead and attack three of their members.”
“I had a reason, they were beating up a man for money, I can’t just stand by and watch them do that.”
“That’s what gangs do, that’s how they get money and do business, you should of known this when you started this gang. That’s just how they run things when money is owed and if you don’t get that through you head this gang is never going to go anywhere. Well it’s not like it went anywhere considering this is the third time you find someway to set us back. It doesn’t seem like you know what’s good for this gang, maybe because you started it with a goal that no one really believes in. Some invisible monsters killed everyone in my class, even Tristan the other surviving kid from you class doesn’t believe you.and Yes you have those weird powers to show for it yet that doesn’t prove anything but that fact that you may of been the killer.” He takes and deep breath and continues, “You’re a great asset but you need to stop living in your own world and come back to reality to decide if you really want to this gang to live on or not.” Jason knew where this was going but felt the need to ask “Where are you going with this?”
“Never thought you’d ask, we’ve had a good run but I think it’s time to make a change so we can get moving as a gang.”Clay turned to everyone sitting on the couches behind him and said, “If any of you agree with me you must know that the only way to move on from this is to say goodbye to Jason and appoint a new leader. Keeping him in this gang would  only hinder it’s growth, so lets have a vote. Who here votes to kick out Jason?” Everyone slowly raised their hands, Tristion Hesitated but after a few looks at everyone else raised it while giving Jason and look that said he was sorry. Clay really didn’t even need to look back to know that the vote was unanimous so he crossed his arms and said “You heard it from them Jason, obviously i’ll be the leader and actually do something good for this gang. Sorry to say this but, goodbye! He said with a smile on his face and it was obvious he wasn’t sorry. They all look at Jason as he became ashamed, embarrassed and sad. He then suddenly stormed out of the room and up the stairs, out into the world alone.

hem if they don’t lay off. They seemed confident that they could beat anyone because they are big and strong so they accept. One guy throughs a few punches at the boy and he dodges. The boy picks up a metal bar after the last dodge

We may be dead already but once we enter this world death can once again take us.