About Me

My name is Kevin Boucher and I’m from Madawaska Maine. I grew up in a small dead end town that borders with Canada so I am part Canadian, a good portion of my relative are Canadian and most people in my family can speak french.

I had trouble finding out what I want to do with my life and still am, even though ever since I was little I’ve wanted to make these story ideas that I’ve made into some form of media. They started off as video games but have progressed into more as I started moving away from video games after I found out I sucked at coding. I went to University of Maine at Farmington first for computer science but came back lost cause I failed at it. After two years of that I transferred to University of Maine at Orono where I found a place in the New Media Program. Everyone there was exploring different fields trying to find something to stick with. I didn’t have many people to help me make my ideas real so I was always alone in my quest to make my ideas real. Weather it be animation, 3D animation, coding, movies and basically anything that I could try but couldn’t find something I was really good at and wanted to pursue.

Though I’m still searching for ways to make my ideas real I’ve made some slight progress with it in new media. Finding what exactly I’m good at and all I can hope is that one of these things will help me fulfill that dream.


How It All Started (The entire story of how I started with stories)

The beginning


After Crash made it’s impact


My inspirations (What Media helped me along the way)

Crash Bandicoot and forwards


Other games that make a huge impact on my ideas, there are some movies, tv shows and games I may have forgotten but these were the biggest.



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