A Day at Hilltop

This was my final a report on my work place on campus.


A Day at Hilltop
By Kevin Boucher

Hilltop is one the of the dinning halls that serves students and any other community members who want to eat from a large variety of food. Anyone who’s gone to one of these dinning halls knows that it just takes a swipe of a card or a hand scan to get in. Of course that requires the right amount of funds or meals. There are plenty of choices or stations to go to for food and even though hilltop doesn’t have the best reputation in food quality you can eat all you want and have great service from a group of friendly employees. It’s the employee’s job to take orders and give the students what they want and it’s a very simple job because the jobs out on the floor are all about keeping everything full and providing it for the people who want it. This includes bars, which is all one job, for two people when busy, including salad bar, deserts, fruit and the deli, taco or whatever that bar is scheduled to have that day. Beverage, which is another uneventful job unless busy, it includes drinks and cereal. This requires a lot of running around from getting ice to running down stairs to the cooler for milk or running out back to check the pump for the fountain drinks, which can be quite the waiting game. Pasta bar and stir-fry are only available on weekdays and take time to prepare, along with omelets which is only mornings, but it’s all about customizing you food choices regardless of the time you have to wait. Then finally the grill, the best alternative if there’s nothing good to eat, with different fries everyday, though everything else is the same. Options change throughout the day and are on a seasonal schedule that is bi weekly. The variety makes it so there’s always something different to eat there. If anyone has any questions or something is empty ask a friendly employee and they will resolve that issue as soon as possible.
After choices have been made for what food the student wants there is a vast seating area, a place where friends can meet up to eat and relax after a day of classes. Of course more goes on in this place then most people know of, people don’t realize what is going on behind the scenes and how difficult some things may be because of how busy it gets. A taste of what happens in the back is right there behind stir-fry. The pots are usually scrubbed right after being used because of the constant flow of people; it isn’t very stressful most of the time, just like the front line. In the back, in pots, scrubbing pots becomes a large task and everything that has food in it or crusted on it will be brought here. Pots isn’t busy all the time but when stacks of pots come at once things can get very busy, same goes for dish room.
After people are done eating the plates are put onto and turntable that had multiple trays on it which most people have seen. The food is then dumped into a pit where the food is pushed by water into a composter. There are a few exceptions like bones and anything else that doesn’t decompose well. The dishes are then put into a machine that blasts the dishes with soap 170-degree water. The conveyor slowly moves the dishes from one side of the room to the other where it’s unloaded and brought out. This place is one of the busiest and most hated places to work because of constant hard work at times. That feeling of hatred for this job is common among some people and though it’s not the best job in the world a job is a job, with some benefits like eating once for free. Despite some feelings of dissatisfaction with the job work gets well, depending on the person, and the students get what they want allowing them to leave with a full stomach.














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