The Chordtar

An Arduino creation made to communicate with Max MSP. This device plays music when you squeeze on the neck and strum in the middle, sort of like a guitar. The strip that allows strumming alters the volume- the more flexed the strip is, the louder the note is generated.The knobs alter the piano notes generated in Max in terms of note length and tempo. The pressure sensor on the neck plays higher chords when squeezed tight and lower notes when squeezed gently.

The Voyeur’s Box

(2016) An interactive wooden box resembling a door. The user looks through the keyhole and at an LCD projector within the box displaying one of 36 different bedrooms of strangers (friends and family of mine who agreed to participate). The light switch turns the display on and off. Each time it is turned on, it displays a new room.

The box was laser cut and laser engraved, and the light switch communicates with a computer via an Arduino Genuino Uno.

The goal of this project was to invite people to be judgmental and paint themselves a portrait of the individual whose room they were snooping around in. Rooms were messy, and rooms were clean. Rooms belonged to the old, and rooms belonged to the very young. Watching users cycle through and start remarking on how sloppy people were was the best result. It was my goal to get people to be voyeuristic- not necessarily in a sexual way, but in the same way curiosity makes you peer into someone’s house at night when they have their lights on and the drapes open.