New Media Inductee

NMD 444, Project 1

For my first big project in Time Based Design 2 I wanted to do another Kinetic Typography. I enjoy these pieces and this one helped yet again expand my bounds in After Effects. I used the song This one’s for you by Of Mice and Men as I am a big fan of the band and enjoyed the pace, feel and energy of this particular song.

NMD 200 Final

This is my final for NMD 200. Did a projection mapping project using After Effects. You can’t see it here but i used fog to try and fill the vestibule as you enter the IMRC to add to the ambiance of the project. I wanted to convey the meaning of this eleven poem using imagery along with the fog to further set the atmosphere..  

NMD 344, Video Essay

This is a video essay I put together for NMD 344 Time Based Design with Sheridan Kelley Adams. An awesome class and I got some in depth work with After Effects. This is a culmination of a lot of the things I have learned in After Effects.  

English 101

This is one of my English 101 papers that I had to write for the course.  I would like to record to show that while i consider myself to be a clever and talented linguist, I don’t think I am quite as gifted when it comes to putting said words on paper. I wanted to share this to show some diversity in the work I am presenting though.   Disappointment

NMD 344, Kinetic Typography

This was my first foray into Kinetic Typography. It was very interesting and for this project I chose a segment of the song Repeating Apologies by Of Mice and Men. This project allowed me to utilize different text animations and layering and manipulating images over each other.

NMD 206, E Harmonics, A Musician’s home     This was a website, built in wordpress, that me, Zach Davis, and Trevor Lagassie developed last year in NMD 200 in an attempt to bring muscians together and for a place for local talent to connect and post things on the topic of music and music performing.

NMD 344, Cell design

This was one of the first projects for NMD 344. It was a 5×5 cell design project. The goal to take one icon and through 5 sequences transition it to another icon. JWM_344_Cell

NMD 102, Screencast

This is a video that me and Nathan Ullman did for our New Media 100 course. Basically it was an advertisement in the future for cybernetic implants and at the end an anti-cybernetic establishment cuts into the feed attempting to slander the cybernetics company. I helped conceptualize the story and also acted as the antti-cybernetics spokesperson in the video.