The Meowmeter was a very ambitious project for myself and my project partners, Hanna and Megan. The assignment was to create a musical instrument using sensors, buttons, gages, etc. Our plan was to create a music box with a button layout that conveniently fits the left hand, because most instruments don’t cater to left handed people. The sounds were supposed to be that of cat meows, which the person playing the instrument directs using the buttons, over a beat track. However, this project was a little too ambitious for our skill set. The instrument worked only briefly, but ended up being unsuccessful despite our best efforts and a few extremely long nights trying to perfect it. However, we were all very proud of this project, as we DID have it functioning at one point, and we poured a lot of time and effort into it.

Arduino Non-Denominational Holiday Tree

The Non-Denominational Holiday Tree was a final project for 102 created by Sylvia, Megan and myself. The tree features LED lights that are hooked up to 2 arduino boards on the back of the tree, and are synced to dance to any song it is given. We did all the coding and programming for the LEDs, which took a very long time, but ended up being incredibly successful, aesthetically pleasing and entertaining. This was the first project I had made which made me feel like I belonged in New Media.