Final Project

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My final project for NMD200 was a topographic map sculpture of Acadia National Park. It included Mt. Gorham, Cadillac Mountain, the Beehive trail, and the surrounding ocean of these landmarks. This was arguable my most successful final project of my time in New Media. I love that it is colorful yet muted, large, and most of all, accurate to the actual site. This project had a lot of personal meaning for me as well, as Acadia National Park is a place where my family would go to have a great time before my parents got divorced. I absolutely love the way this project turned out and I am more than proud of how beautiful it is.

Final Prototype

This was my 1/3rd size prototype for my final NMD200 project. I love the way it came out and I think I’m going to use this model to create even more of these pieces, but with the paint and stain finish included. This prototype was a great start for the final project, because it helped me to understand how to go about laser cutting the final, as well as how labor intensive the large version of this would actually be. In the end, I was able to better prepare for the actual final thanks to making this prototype.