Project 3 Reflection

3D Printed Planter

When project 3 was first introduced to us, I was pretty excited about all the possibilities. I had a lot of ideas and was excited about bringing them to life. Most of all, I thought this project would be a pretty simple way to express myself creatively through 3D printing. I soon discovered how wrong I was. Though my part of the project printed rather well and easily, the other parts of the project proved to be a time consuming struggle. The dimensions of the plate were off when uploaded to the printer, despite the fact that everything fit well within the 3D model on our computers. We had to do a LOT of measuring and scaling in order to make the plate fit the vase. Then, the glow in the dark flower was a challenge all its own. It kept printing without helpful structures and falling apart, or printing way too small and being unusable. It took another few hours to get the dimensions correct for the flower, even though it definitely fit perfectly in the 3D model. However, after many mental breakdowns, we finally got all the pieces to print to the right size and print somewhat accurate.
After the project was finished, I have to say I was pretty proud of it. We came out of this with a functioning project that was aesthetically pleasing and very interesting. I was excited to see the project in action and show it to the class. However, if I could do this project over again, I would use a different system of connecting the vase to the plate. I probably would have suggested rounded long pegs attached to the plate, and then shallow peg holes inside the vase. This way the vase would still be suspended over the plate. I really like the design of my vase, and I was very happy with the designs my partners made for their pieces, so I wouldn’t change anything about the actual designs. I just think it would have been better if we had an easier way of connecting the pieces.
3D printing is definitely a good skill to have, and I’m glad we learned how to do it. I think that in the future it could be possible for me to use 3D printing to each a new level of creativity. However, I don’t see myself using a lot of 3D printing in the near future. It was very frustrating and I feel that the software used to make 3D models has a long way to go before I ever consider it to be “convenient”. I’m hoping that sometime soon 3D printing can become a household activity and everyone will be able to understand it, but until then, I don’t think I’ll be experimenting much with it.