Movie Trailer

While I had a lot of fun making this movie with my friends, I genuinely hated this assignment. The project was to create an ad or trailer for a movie or object. I hate being on camera at all times, so I was really frustrated with this assignment. I feel as though the concept was good and the outcome was generally okay, but I’d be happy never being in front of a camera ever again.

Hands Photoshoot

Charlotte1 Charlotte2 Charlotte3 Charlotte4 Charlotte5 Claire1 Claire2 Claire3 Claire4 Claire5 Daphne1 Daphne2 Daphne3 Daphne4 Daphne5 Group1 Group2 Group3 Group4 Group5
The assignment for this project was to take 20 professional-looking photographs of an actual human subject. I decided this was a great opportunity to take some beautiful fall pictures of my little sisters, Charlotte, Claire and Daphne. It was so much fun, and the assignment made me fall in love with photography. I love the way the DSLR camera captured all the beautiful details of their faces. I would love to experiment further with photography after this project.

Digital Painting

Native Digital Painting
The assignment for this project was to create a digital painting using Illustrator. I decided to go with a self portrait that exemplified the side of me that most people don’t see, which is that I’m Native American. I wanted to create something that shows what I would traditionally look like, had history not been altered by the arrival of Europeans to America. I really love this piece and I think it gives a great insight as to who I am as an artist and a person.

Laser Cutting

Deer: Stain & Finish Jelly Fish: Purple Translucent Acrylic Deer: Original Wood
These are pieces I produced using the laser cutter for the first time. The jellyfish was the actual project, which I laser cut out of purple translucent acrylic. I also engraved some intricate hand-drawn details into the jellyfish. Overall I was extremely satisfied with how this project turned out. The laser cut deer was something I made for a friend who was having a baby. I laser cut it out of birch wood, and engraved the details of the face as well as the name of the baby, Irwin Scott Pike. Both pieces came out beautifully and I was more than happy with them.

President Penguin Photoshoot

Backdrop Backdrop Natural Lighting Natural Lighting Indoor Lighting Indoor Lighting Shallow Depth of Field Deep Depth of Field Macro 2 Macro 1
This was the first project we were asked to complete in NMD200. We were assigned to take something that we had created, and photograph it with different criteria to meet for each photo. Like most of my peers, a lot of my most recent work was digital art, therefore I didn’t have a piece that I could physically hold and therefore photograph. So, I decided to make an entirely new piece for this project. I crocheted this penguin, who made an excellent model for this purpose. I enjoyed the project very much, and learned some valuable lessons about photography and how to portray a project in a professional way.

Map Game

Map Game
I’ll be honest, there weren’t a lot of NMD150 projects that I thoroughly enjoyed doing. This assignment, however, was a lot of fun. Our final project was supposed to be some sort of interactive adventure game, using HTML coding to create it. My project partner, Andrew, handled most of the code, and I did all the illustrations, including the character, backdrop, and danger zones. It turned out to be a functional game and worked exactly the way we expected it to, and we were so excited to have a successful project finished for the final.

Photoshop CD Cover

Photoshop CD Cover
or this project, we were asked to create a brand new album cover for our favorite band using photoshop. This was one of the first times I’ve used photoshop to create an illustration, and I think it was very successful. I had tons of fun making this album cover and I’m still very proud to have it as a portfolio piece.

Vector Icon

Vector Icon
The assignment here was to create an icon for a new app idea that we had. I chose to create a fashion app, where the user could buy and sell clothes, as well as post photos of outfits to be rated and commented on by other users. Of course, I chose to do a vector drawing of a fabulous high heeled shoe, as I felt that it would exemplify the type of attitude and personality this app was designed to draw in. I played around with multiple color schemes but ended up choosing one with complimentary pastel colors, Because I thought they played better with the shape and style of the shoe.

Vector Selfie

Vector Selfie
I had so much fun with this assignment. It was the first time I had ever used Illustrator before in my life. The assignment was to take a photo of ourselves and do a vector drawing of it. I had so much fun with this project, I learned tons of valuable knowledge from it, AND I ended up with a great piece that adds something very personal to my portfolio.


The Meowmeter was a very ambitious project for myself and my project partners, Hanna and Megan. The assignment was to create a musical instrument using sensors, buttons, gages, etc. Our plan was to create a music box with a button layout that conveniently fits the left hand, because most instruments don’t cater to left handed people. The sounds were supposed to be that of cat meows, which the person playing the instrument directs using the buttons, over a beat track. However, this project was a little too ambitious for our skill set. The instrument worked only briefly, but ended up being unsuccessful despite our best efforts and a few extremely long nights trying to perfect it. However, we were all very proud of this project, as we DID have it functioning at one point, and we poured a lot of time and effort into it.