Final Project – Progress Snapshot

As soon as this was assigned, I began work on designing and developing my project. I have decided that for my capstone, I will be developing a drone. As steps towards that goal, this project hosts a number of skills required to master that final task.

NMD 200 Final Proposal (PDF)

The above link is my proposal for this project. However, my current direction has deviated to my proposed implementations. One of my greatest concerns was the mechanics and has been under serious consideration and research since inception. Here are a few sketches I did during this phase of planning:


Having worked with Bluetooth technology in the past, I know how much of a pain it would be to get that working. My first order of business was to develop the circuitry and programs by which I could remotely control the car. After all, why make a remote controlled car if the remote doesn’t work? I had to promise¬†control, or the entire project would fail. Below are images of the prototyping and development phase of this portion of the project.


Having finalized the soldering and programing for both the Arduino and my phone, I have moved on to the design and manufacturing of the car itself. Below is the current design thus far, but modifications are being done rapidly. It is also my intention that for the final phase of this project, I will be 3D printing a cover to enhance the aesthetics.

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