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Final Project – Progress Snapshot

As soon as this was assigned, I began work on designing and developing my project. I have decided that for my capstone, I will be developing a drone. As steps towards that goal, this project hosts a number of skills required to master that final task.

NMD 200 Final Proposal (PDF)

The above link is my proposal for this project. However, my current direction has deviated to my proposed implementations. One of my greatest concerns was the mechanics and has been under serious consideration and research since inception. Here are a few sketches I did during this phase of planning:


Having worked with Bluetooth technology in the past, I know how much of a pain it would be to get that working. My first order of business was to develop the circuitry and programs by which I could remotely control the car. After all, why make a remote controlled car if the remote doesn’t work? I had to promise┬ácontrol, or the entire project would fail. Below are images of the prototyping and development phase of this portion of the project.


Having finalized the soldering and programing for both the Arduino and my phone, I have moved on to the design and manufacturing of the car itself. Below is the current design thus far, but modifications are being done rapidly. It is also my intention that for the final phase of this project, I will be 3D printing a cover to enhance the aesthetics.

Is it Hubris?

The more I learn, the more I thirst for more. Every new thing is exciting, and another wonder yet to be aware of. New Media is a key that has unlocked the potential of all the things I have done in the past. Skills that I have taught myself across spectrums. I taught myself how to use digital image programs. I taught myself how to create 3d models. I taught myself how to program. I learned to create art. I taught myself how to do some very basic electronics.

I had never considered that all these self taught skills would be the basis upon which an entire profession is founded. I have always wanted to be on the forefront of technological progression. I wanted to be part of that revolution. I didn’t think I had the skills or the know how. I literally stumbled into this program as I discovered that computer science was not for me. I had no idea what I stumbled in to, or what to expect. Then I discovered something fantastic and exciting. No one else has the skills either! We are still learning, and developing, and we are all stumbling around trying to figure it out. The fact that we are willing to share in that exploration and push those boundaries together means something to me.

For me, this has been a dream come true. The option to be able to let my imagination loose into the world is liberating. There is so much that has been pent up within me. Dreams of being able to create something tangible. Not only that, but something functional. Something that runs, and operates to my desires, and needs. I can bring meaning from nothing. My mind is given the power to express into reality what has always been unreachable.

With every tool I learn, I discover a new way to bend this world to my will. There is some discovery of the god like powers being given to me. I can twist whatever I want into something else. Who is to say that I can’t do a thing. My imagination is vast, and deep. I have spent years within universes across time and space. There are lives lived and lost. There are nations, and species. Histories that never were, and those that have yet to come. I dream all the possibilities, and explore their depths. My passion is in exploration. The power of What If is beyond compare. The roads you can walk, and the oceans you can swim are endless.

There is nothing more compelling then the realization that I have a power the few people have. I have the technology to produce more technology. I have the ability to design it, program it, build it. It doesn’t take much to have an idea. You may feel good that you have solved the problem. Yet when it becomes physical, there is no problem. Not only did you solve it, but you applied it. You built it with your own hands.

God forbid that I can call what I create art. There is no difference in the medium. Whether I carved it out of pixels or marble, it should not matter. Art is the expression of the mind. The medium is the choice of the artist. However, the artist that knows more then just one medium becomes a master.


User Experience Design Myths

The above website is the subject of this posting


Every profession has them. Some foolish beliefs that are shared by many, but for some reason or another, do not work. It is hard to say what is truth and not, especially if the myth applies to so many situations, and makes it harder to disprove. However, these are lucky moments, and certainly do not work for every situation out there.

Many of these myths are broken by common sense. Some of them through experience. What most of them have in common is some strong hold to ignorance. Somehow there is a desire to not be educated by experience, or observation. Perhaps it is due to some perceived reality that blinds those who believe in them from the truth.

In reality, good work takes hard work. Most myths are designed to short circuit this belief in an attempt to do it better, faster, cheaper, and/or easier. This is not to say that anything that makes things easier is to be considered a myth. It is the things that do not work that defeat the purpose of the thing at all.

So, how does one defeat myths? Learn from examples. Learn from experience. Allow yourself to be open of mind and willing to learn from failure, rather then be mad at your actions. Being a life long learner is extremely important.

Myths are heeded by those who wish to be disillusioned. People who wish not to be responsible for their own actions, and have a narrow view on the world. They are the people whom should not be trusted with that with you cherish.