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Interstellar funded in part by science

Interstellar – Imagination to Reality

The above link is the subject of this post

I think that this article is one of many that prove another of my theories. That the only limit is our imagination. In this, the persons creating the special effects for the movie were going for accuracy and factual representations. In this they were going for a Science fiction movie instead of a science Fiction one.

Time and time again, we are proven that if a person sees something that they want, they will achieve it or create it. I think there was a story back from the 1980’s when a computer engineer saw a new development on an apple machine. They had though that Apple had created a whole new idea, and it was the observer’s idea to try and copy and make it work in their systems.

Long story short, Apple had never developed the system that the observer saw, and the observer created something simply by the basis that they saw it could be done. I feel that any creation should be fueled but the thought that this is possible, and it should be.

The computer models that the Interstellar team developed pushed an envelope that we had no idea existed. Through science and discovery they were able to get as close to a black hole phenomenon as possible through computer simulations. In it they were even able to discover other aspects of black hole behavior that we would never have thought to be able to see without actually approaching and entering a black hole.

I think that this really captures the capacity for human imagination, and reveals our limitless capacity for creation. The limit is our tools, and our tools are created by us.


In class yesterday, we discussed New Media and whether it is negative, or positive concerning the impacts on society.

It was treated more as a debate, and the ensuing discourse was plotted. Each side has good points and the lines started to blur between wether the person was at a table of for or against. Most of the discussion was centered around the internet and its specific impacts.

This is not a recapping but a capture of thoughts afterwards.

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Nettle Virtual Holograms

A Russian company called Nettle has developed a way for 2d images to create a 3d hologram that is viewable from all angles.

This is pretty amazing considering that hologram technology has been struggling to develop for decades. I truly can’t put it any better myself, so hear is how they describe their work:

MotionParallax3D by Nettle

The MotionParallax3D technology used in the Nettle product line is employed in the following way:

  • The user wears special 3D glasses with active infrared markers
  • The tracking system monitors the position of the markers and pinpoints their exact location in space
  • The 3D engine uses the marker location data to generate two projections of the 3D scene (one for each of the viewer’s eyes)

Exo Glove Poly

Exo Glove Poly

The Exo Glove Poly is probably the first assisted movement device that I have seen that can be used while washing hands. The non-invasive method of interface as well as the flexibility of the glove are huge benefits.

The box seems clunky, and awkward. In the implementation upon a a wheel chair, this isn’t too bad of an option. The level of mobility and flexibility that the glove offers is exceptional and obviously gives the wearer a degree of articulation.

It works pretty much on the same basis as tendons already serve in the fingers. A non surgical tendon replacement option. This is an option where surgery isn’t. The nature of the material appears to be non abrasive and far more comfortable then conventional straps or buckles. The glove also does not limit the wearer to certain tasks. This is a reasonable option for those who still wish to cook, or paint.

This is a reasonable basis for future non surgical mobility restoration devices. In theory it could be a basis for construction devices, or scientific tools for oceanic exploration. Rather then rely on many motors and gears, this could serve as a concept platform for mechanical fins on submersible drones or subs.

For more information, and videos of it in operation go to the above cited website. It is part of a group called Atlas of the Future which hosts a number of projects ranging from technological to sociological topics.

Video Critiques: Lessons in Perspective

In New Media 100 class, we got to experience two different short films and critique them while the artists were present. Considering there were two new faces in the room, it made it an interesting moment for those who did not make the connection. It was interesting seeing how there was a very heavy sway initially towards which film most people favored.

These will be general critiques, that are really more general observations that have educational value. Additionally, one of the films is still awaiting release so I will not divulge details out professional respect. If that’s not for you, then I apologize, but if you are intersted in lessons learned, read on.

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